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Alternative indie rocker, Ben DeHan cultivates a raw, sharpness in instrumentation meshed with a sincere voice


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As the guitarist of American Diary, Ben cut his teeth on the road and at such festivals as the Vans Warped Tour. Since then, he has spent countless hours writing and honing a sound that’s both accessible and intelligent. Whether it’s a trip to the beach or driving through the mountains, these are jams to roll the windows down, sing out loud, and make memories to.

“The Baltimore-based guitarist and singer, tugs at the listener with his evocative lyrics and drone-tone guitar riffs. His vocals, earnest and contemplative, are fragranced with tiny speckles of grit and grime from someone that has the cutting edge sound, look and feel. Yet, his voice has an endearing, trusting cadence.” -Indie Pulse Music

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